23 November 2011

buy nothing day.

resist the obscenity. black friday is ugly enough. don't participate as they make it happen even earlier. allow retail workers to spend time with their families for thanksgiving. stop jumping when the corporations tell you to jump. you don't have to play along.

(here's a bit of the npr transcript on the resistance to retailer efforts to start the consumerism orgy even earlier)

Target Shoppers Discuss Store's Black Friday Hours

November 23, 2011

Anthony Hardwick, a Target employee from Nebraska, made headlines for his petition drive against the company's plan to open stores at midnight after Thanksgiving. Is it wrong to make employees work right after they finish Thanksgiving dinner? Or is Target simply giving customers what they want?

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It's ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. I'm Guy Raz.

When the holidays roll around, how much shopping is too much shopping? Hordes already pile to the stores before the sun is up on the morning of so-called Black Friday. This year, Target, Wal-Mart and some other retailers are opening even earlier - midnight, as Thursday turns to Friday. And some workers are protesting.

NPR's Chris Arnold waded into the retail trenches to get the latest.

CHRIS ARNOLD, BYLINE: If Dr. Seuss were alive today, he might want to write a sequel to "The Grinch," who this time is stealing Thanksgiving. At least that's how some retail workers feel and their complaints seem to have struck a chord.

In recent days this story has spread across the Web, blogs and network TV.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Now those full contact shoppers can start even earlier, midnight on Thursday.

ARNOLD: ABC and most other networks talked to a Target employee in Omaha, Nebraska. Anthony Hardwick didn't like being told that he had to report for work at 11 PM Thanksgiving night.

ANTHONY HARDWICK: I'm going to have to get some sleep and I'll probably go to bed at two and miss my family Thanksgiving dinner completely.

ARNOLD: Hardwick started an online petition called Tell Target to Save Thanksgiving. A couple hundred thousand signatures were delivered in paper form to Target's headquarters. The pages were stuffed into those red and white Target shopping bags.

For its part, Target says its customers want to go shopping on Thanksgiving night. And no doubt, some will.

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