18 July 2011

fallen fruit, fermenting in its rich decay

A Summer Commentary by Yvor Winters.

“When I was young, with sharper sense,
The farthest insect cry I heard
Could stay me: through the trees, intense,
I watched the hunter and the bird.

“Where is the meaning that I found?
Or was it but a state of mind,
Some old penumbra of the ground,
In which to be but not to find?

“Now summer grasses, brown with heat,
Have crowded sweetness through the air;
The very roadside dust is sweet;
Even the unshadowed earth is fair.

“The soft voice of the nesting dove,
And the dove in soft erratic flight
Like a rapid hand within a glove,
Caress the silence and the light.

“Amid the rubble, the fallen fruit,
Fermenting in its rich decay,
Smears brandy on the trampling boot
And sends it sweeter on its way.”

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