07 June 2011

support working families forced to fight to protect pay and benefits

Ralphs, Vons, Albertsons. If the grocery workers go on strike, show them your support. Do not cross the line. Union workers hold the line against corporate greed. When union workers protect what they've worked for, all workers benefit.

The Twelve Cookies: A Parable

A CEO and a union member and a Tea Party member come into the café. The three agree to sit down together at a cafe table. Twelve delicious cookies are placed on the table.

The CEO quickly sits and eats eleven of the cookies before the others even have time to pull up their chairs.

As the CEO begins pulling away from the table, brushing crumbs off the front of his suit, he says to the tea party guy, "Hey, stand up for yourself man, that union guy is going to eat your cookie!"

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