13 December 2010

send a toy to a kid (send a lump of coal to AZ gov. Jan Brewer)

This holiday season, many children in Arizona will be affected by unjust deportations and family separation. This was a hard year for immigrant families in Arizona. Not only did the state pass SB 1070, but it also deported over 5000 immigrants (1), and banned Ethnic Studies in state schools.

Children are hurt by these policies and many manifest trauma as a result. We want to do something for them and we need your help. That's why Presente.org is teaming up with the Sound Strike(2) to help bring gifts and food for 5000 children in the Phoenix area.

Can you donate $3 to purchase toys for children in Arizona? Or can you donate a toy yourself at one of our designated drop off locations? Check out the link below:

click here

Your contribution will be delivered to children and families on December 18th in Phoenix, Arizona, where the largest concentration of deportations has taken place. PUENTE, our community partners, will be hosting a traditional Posada Celebration on this day, which is also International Migrants Day!

Here at Presente we are excited to team up with the Sound Strike, founded by musician Zach de la Rocha of the band Rage Against the Machine, to fight hate in Arizona. We know that Presente members love to give! So help us represent for our online community. Your contribution will help bring toys and food to families in Arizona.

For a list of donation drop offs near you or to make a donation, click on the link below. And then help us spread the word to your friends and family.


Thank you and ¡adelante!

Favianna, Joaquin, Laurie, Roberto & the rest of the Presente.org team


1. "287(g) MASTER Stats 2010" US Immigration & Customs enforcement, 10/31/10
http://act.presente.org/go/217?akid=276.215648.sDciUX&t=6 - Click on "Reports"'
2. " The Sound Strike Announces Toy and Food Drive for Arizona families" The Sound Strike website

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