12 April 2010

"you should see me when I'm real" Susan Sontag on video

You have to watch this. Not much out there if one looks for Sontag on video but this is great. Watch this and you'll see why Crawford gets so worked up about Ms. Sontag. This is from a show called Camera 3. Interview with Susan Sontag and Agnes Varda. The moderator is named Jack Kroll--the senior editor from Newsweek. It begins with a scene from Varda's film, "Lion's Love." (In part 1 the host of the show calls Varda's characters "grotesque." Varda and Sontag both clearly think the comment was stupid.)

Susan Sontag looking like Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate" and Benedick's lines about all graces in one woman from "Much Ado About Nothing" and how can one avoid nostalgia when "establishment" is used as an adjective?

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