08 February 2010

"stipple" again.

(from freedictionary.com)

tr.v. stip·pled, stip·pling, stip·ples
1. To draw, engrave, or paint in dots or short strokes.
2. To apply (paint, for example) in dots or short strokes.
3. To dot, fleck, or speckle: "They crossed a field stippled with purple weeds" (Flannery O'Connor

today's poem containing the word stipple is by C. Dale Young:

33rd & Kirkham

At the edge of the bed, at the edge of darkness
and the tempo of your breathing next to me,
a prelude begins, each watery note written in light.

Too soon, the air will brighten, and the light
will secure this room, will stipple the tide
etching rocks in the distance. Along the avenues,

the fog will begin to lift, the birds will scatter
from the hedges while the heart remains still
with doubt. And when you open your eyes,

at the end of your journey back to this world,
when you clasp my hand darkly in yours,
the cool palm's lines coarsely against my own,

the song will lie quietly in our throats.
And the light will resurrect our features, will ferry
the smile from our dreams while reminding us

that anything in this world is possible, that nothing is. . . .
The heart, silly in my chest, keeps discordant time.
Each and every minute fades to memory in such light.

C. Dale Young
The Second Person
Four Way Books

Copyright © 2007 by C. Dale Young


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