18 January 2010

mlk jr. day

i was tempted to post something about pat robertson's take on haiti's suffering. but that sad old sack of excrement doesn't deserve our attention. he should be put out to pasture so his hate disguised as christianity can no longer infect his scared, subliterate audience.

so then i read about Dr. Cornel West's comments at the Ebenezer Baptist Church today. Can't find a clip yet or even a transcript. I did find this excerpt: "Even with your foot on the brake, there are too many precious brothers and sisters under the bus," West said when talking about President Barack Obama. "Where is the talk about poverty? We've got to protect him and respect him, but we've also got to correct him if the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr is going to stay alive."

I will watch for the clip but until then I found this clip from back in 2004:

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